Dreamland Amusement Park (Grade II* listed) is synonymous with Margate as a seaside resort and comprises:

  • Three indoor events spaces (Hall by the Sea, the Ballroom and the Roller Disco/Diner)
  • Indoor arcades and a roller disco
  • Two outdoor events spaces (Scenic Stage and Events Space)
  • An outdoor amusement park

The Hall by the Sea measures circa 36,650 sq ft GIA and has a capacity of 1,200 people standing. It can be used as an independent conference/ exhibition space and also a live concert venue as the green rooms and catering facilities for artists run along a corridor on the floor below and have separate access points via the rear of the stage.

The Ballroom measures circa 3,500 sq ft GIA and has a capacity of 500 standing. Like the Hall by the Sea it can house either conferences or live music events as it also has access to the green rooms and catering facilities. Family events such as weddings take place here regularly.

The indoor arcades, concession area and roller disco/diner are at ground floor level and open out on to the amusement park. This area measures circa 35,900 sq ft GIA.

The amusement park houses a blend of iconic heritage and modern thrill experiences, the main attraction being the Scenic Railway which is 101 years old and is the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the UK.

The park is a major footfall driver and creates volume . Following the Free to Enter model being introduced in 2019, visitation has grown to 700,000 per annum.

The Scenic Stage and the Events Space are outdoor events arenas adjacent to the amusement park that have 5,000 and 15,000 people capacity respectively.

Live music concerts and entertainment events are regularly held here with facilities to house a variety of food and beverage outlets as required.

Long term, there is a possibility for the expansion of the Scenic Stage outdoor events arena or for a larger scale redevelopment to include the Dreamland Car Park.

To the south east of the Scenic Stage arena, MEL also own the land and buildings at 45-55 Eaton Road which provide a rear site access point from a main road.

"Dreamland amusement park in Margate will elevate the seaside town to the status of hip-and-trendy Brighton, or even New York’s Coney Island."

"Now a magnet for the young, fashionable buyers priced out of London."

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